Sam Stokes releases thoughtful solo album ‘Common Ground’


Self-produced singer and songwriter Sam Stokes first emerged in 2022, debuting with an album in collaboration with Casey Abrams. Her work is rooted in freedom of creative expression, with her poetic lyrical content being the cornerstones of her heartfelt performances.

Sam Stokes’ latest release is her first full-length solo project, ‘Common Ground’ being the culmination of a slew of single releases over 2023. As always the core of Sam’s artistry is in her writing, using music as a means to portray the subtle thoughts and emotions found in her words. This concept lends itself well to Sam’s distinctive blend of sung and spoken vocal performances, drenching each track in personality. These vocals are backed by guitar-driven instrumentation, creating a warm and honest sense of storytelling across the twelve tracks.

Sam shares a comment, “My entire commitment in this lifetime is to share love, light and hope through music and art so that our planet and our humanity may be the best it has ever been. I view music as a form of servitude and I hope that in every song that comes through me and every performance, I am able to give someone just a little bit more love in their life.”

Alongside the new album, Sam has also self-published a book of poetry and lyrics as a companion piece, which is available HERE.

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