Scene by LW6 X CP6


A double artist coming from Dublin with awesome and immaculate rap and hip hop skills that they show in the music they share together, “LW6 x CP6” released a new single together on the 1st of July, 2022 “Scene” which has a rhythmic catchy beat to it that hip hop dancers can do some dope choreography to it.

The track starts with some awesome beats that are strong and blast off your speakers with the tunes they added into this track “Scene” and a dope rap comes in adding some bangin lyrics to build up their reputation through it and get to be known by their work, they’re making an impact on their tracks that says a story of making money out of their talent.

“LW6” & “CP6” are two best friends who love to go on their tracks together to make blast music and produce it for their fans, their unique touch in this track is the next style of combining rap and hip hop together and creating the most out of it.


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