see thru by Evans


“see thru” is the new earworm to conquer the Pop/ Rap scene. This song has the easiest-going melody.

First, one thing stands out among everything else: Evans’s singing power is undiscussable dope. 

There’s no labelling when it comes to the melody of the track itself. Evans’ own style is a blend of multiple genres. In this case, “see thru” combines Pop-Punk patterns.

The lyrics describe the attitude of being in a relationship where someone can’t hide their emotions, things keep coming back and forth, and everything is blurred and unclear, but you instead keep it that way.

The song has already over 18K streams, a “humble” number for now compared to previous releases by Evans like “Kauai” (+182K streams), “Yes You Do” (+104K streams) and “Won’t” (+85K).

Evans is a solo vocalist who committed to a career in music around 2015/2016 when he was performing locally around his hometown. He quit the military to pursue music, running out of money in Los Angeles and accidentally settling in Toronto to produce creative work.

He has appeared on TV on CTV Atlantic, Nova Scotia and performed at the East Coast Music Awards (ECMA’s) in 2016.

All in all, counting the facts mentioned above, we know that Evans is one to watch as he rises to the top, and eventually, we look forward to seeing him become a viral hit.

Edited by: Mercedes Thomas


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