Spacesuit by Crosstik


With our daily hustles, we try to find any sort of escapism to breathe and recharge, then go back to whatever we need to do. Crosstik has created the ideal one for us. It’s not a few minutes of temporary joy, it’s a soundscape that takes us places far from this planet, and luckily, he got us a “Spacesuit.”


The high-flyer producer, Connor Daily, AKA Crosstik, located in Phoenix, is not an artist who walks at a steady pace or even on a track that someone has walked before. From a drummer in punk rock bands to distinguishing himself in the electronic music realm, he’s creating his own path and keeps leaping and bouncing high with his cosmic sound.


His latest track, “Spacesuit,” sets a perfect example of where he’s at as a talented and creative producer. It’s a five-minute track that feels like a gate to another magical world, or even better, a superior place in our world. I usually don’t have trouble finding the right word, but I can’t pick one to describe this track and its blended, unusual sound, as if it needs a non-earthy word to match its spatial vibe.


“Spacesuit” is inspired by the spiritual American teacher, Ram Dass. The lyrics, arrangement, vocal performance, and even the artwork are all aligned to give that miraculous, ethereal atmosphere. The lyrics aren’t completely rhymed, which is not essential but makes them catchier when rapping. However, it felt more genuine this way, and it leaves you soaring with the significant, soulful writing itself, and the peak vocal delivery managed to polish it anyway.


One of the most enticing and perfection-setting elements in this track is Modern Creature’s vocals. He’s an old friend of Crosstik. And his rich, exquisite performance added depth to the single. He makes each bar flow naturally with the beats and takes us on a spacy twirl in the chorus.

Crosstik has no boundaries when it comes to genres. He has a remarkable sound and a signature that won’t be found anywhere else. With his musical prowess, you’ll be listening and feeling that your eyes are being exposed to different dimensions. He’s not just putting down some kicks, drops, and claps; he creates a sonic landscape that takes you on a journey only he knows its destination. And if anything can portray this track’s effects, it’s this verse:

“Crosstik has plotted the grid a fire has been lit.

Bright enough to rip the spirit out of this endless darkness.

With the essence of joy translated into sound.”


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