The River by Trav B Ryan


Travis Ryan Bramble is not just a musician, he’s a philanthropist who aims to use his voice, talent, and platform to speak for the ones who are different and to encourage people to love themselves, he shares his life story and uses his influence to inspire them to not limit themselves or surrender into where society places them.

Ryan is an entrepreneur and a New York-based artist with an extensive experience in singing and songwriting, he is also a man of many artistic talents, and crafts and an activist. Yet, he chose to focus on expanding his music career in which his true passion lies. In no time the artist received recognition from his fans and the press where he got featured in several articles and media appearances. He has over 7.7K monthly listeners on Spotify with some songs played almost 300K times and over 88K followers on Instagram, not to mention his songs reaching thousands of viewers on YouTube. The artist has a very interesting discography, in 2020 and 2021 he released a series of singles about women with different zodiac signs which was a very interesting idea with very significant and well-reflected music to describe each thoroughly. 

“The River” is his latest single which is about the crimes occurring in his neighborhood and he compared it to “River Styx” and how it washes away lost souls and adds a metaphor of how the mother’s tears crying over their sons and family created that river. It’s a very powerful rap track with a simple melody on the piano, a soft echoing of backing singers singing a series of “ohs and yeahs” while keeping a steady beat. 



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