The Way That You Are by Elion Melody


There’s a pure kind of joy and excitement when one watches their friends fall in love, be in a passionate relationship, and get married. Elion Melody‘s heartwarming ballad “The Way That You Are” embodies this sentiment since it was inspired by and written especially for his best friend’s wedding.

The talented New Yorker Elion Melody embarked on the music industry in 2020, and since then he has been making a sonic trademark for himself and gaining a large fanbase. He has over 2.5 million streams across all platforms from people who fell into the spell of his smooth delivery, sensational vocals, and his RnB moving sound that’s mashed with Soul and Pop.

“The Way That You Are” is a loving testimony that demonstrates genuine love and how one can be over the moon because of every little detail of their significant other. The single is dipped in affection and delight, which is shown in every well-structured element and dripping from the melodic layers, making its way into listeners’ hearts and souls. It’s all proficiently arranged, and the composition is mesmerizing, yet without a doubt, what stands out effortlessly is Elion Melody’s soulful vocals. He has an intoxicating vocal line, and he sounds poetic and dreamy as if he weaved the song with these touching sensitivities to sing it at his own wedding.

The instrumentation urges one to grab their partner and dance slowly with the melody. The synth gives off an airy and uplifting sense. The beats are elevating yet maintain atmospheric intimacy and align well with the graceful flow and the exquisite vocal harmonies that offer a Gospel flair. The entire production is rich and wittily fabricated to deliver a euphoric ceremonial spirit.

To the fans of Chris Brown, Drake, and The Weekend, you’re certainly going to add Elion Melody’s discography to your playlist and add “The Way That You Are,” in particular, to your spreading-love-in-the-air playlist.




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