Tigress by MC Nemesis


From L.A. rises an authentic hip-hop artist who creates lush and straightforward music “MC Nemesis” came up with awesome beats in her new release on the 17th of June, 2022 a song called “Tigress” with dope rhythmic music.

“Tigress” is the most upbeat music and I am so amazed by the honesty in the mystic music that is made in this piece, the artist’s voice gives the beat a really buzzing voice throughout the song and the music is synchronized with the lyrical meaning of the music.

There has been utter confidence that has lit up with greatness and extraordinary talent that caught a lot of different people’s attention with their soothing rich vocals and honest lyrics that gives away a lot of emotions that can’t be missed as this piece explains how she has the ability to empower herself and other with demonstrating in her music video with a lioness that is a predator in the world of animals that have the power over others.

“MC Nemesis” has created 3 songs in total since 2018 “Nefertiti the first,” “INNOV8!” and the new release “Tigress,” coming back on track with strong immaculate music that is created as they’re now partnered with powerful lyricist “God’s Gift.”


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