Til the Ocean Meets the Shore by Karen Harding


After the attention that her 1st single “I’ve Got a Secret” drew to her, Australian singer/songwriter Karen Harding is about to drop her 2nd single “Til the Ocean Meets the Shore” on the 5th of August 2022. The two singles are part of her 6 tracks upcoming EP “I’ve Got a Secret” which will be fully out in October 2022 and available for purchase through Bandcamp. “Til The Ocean Meets the Shore” was written during the pandemic’s lockdown and it is an uplifting message about how can we overcome anything that’s facing us and come out stronger than ever.

Starts with chilling arpeggios followed by Karen’s angelic vocals. It keeps on growing emotionally as it progresses with Karen Harding’s fluid beautiful vocal melody taking the lead and backed by a floating piano melody and bright guitar chords. Its calm mood is carried by a soothing stream of melodies and an expressive deep vocal melody with unmistakable easygoing songwriting.

“Til The Ocean Meets the Shore” is a sweet chilling tune with lots of true emotions and shows a lot of passion and will to make good music. It clearly shows Karen Harding’s vocal abilities and sense of melody as well as her songwriting. Looking forward to the next single and the release of the full EP. Cheers!


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