When I’m With You by Ozz Gold


“When I’m With You” is the latest glamorous innovation of electronic producer and DJ Ozz Gold in which you will hear a wonderful combination of keyboard tones with chords and electronic rhythms that put you in a beautiful mood.

 This track contains a dose of sweet singing amid rising echoes in an atmosphere full of longing and romance. And because the singing is a powerful style that reflects the feeling, you will feel the energy backed by the prominent musical tone and the cheerful aura of the chorus.

 “When I’m With You” is Ozz Gold’s fourth track, made with love, because its purpose is to deliver a message written in musical notes to the love of his life. You can also hear it get nostalgic but you can do nothing but dance to it.

 The lyrical sentences paired with a smooth and simple arrangement highlight the feelings and push the song to a high. Through it, you will feel the splendor of the artwork, with which you will feel as if you are ascending to the sky and spinning with your beloved in your hand amidst purple flowers and red hearts.

 “When I’m With You” created by Ozz Gold is a catchy and emotional electronic pop that will take you to beautiful and joyful worlds that will push you to the end of time and space.

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