Trying by Ceyeo


One of the things I personally thoroughly enjoy and seek in music is space. A space that defies a lack of conformity. That transforms the experience upwards, from the simplicity of a ‘song’, to the complexity of a ‘piece’.
Might sound overkill for this song. A shimmery art-pop number from Chicago’s Ceyeo. With all the pop sensibilities you can expect from a simple pop tune. It starts with the all-familiar chipmunk-y vocals that might put Sza or Demi Lovato in mind. And trebly trap drum grooves that could call any Drake song home. Just afterward the song truly opens up to great space.

The sound is purely Lydian, a musical mode that is used to create, typically, spacey and dreamy soundscapes. It is accompanied by a sharp and emotive vocal delivery from Poetic Justis that sits right in the center of everything and gracefully flows alongside the instrumentation. 

The experience is very fluid. While the lack of a definite chorus or bridge or a distinct song structure can be confusing, through repeated listens it all sinks in. It’s a song that starts, then opens up to a piece of prose about a friend who’s there through difficulties, about the feeling of being discriminated or castaway, set to a backdrop of gorgeous strings that perpetually flow uninterrupted, together defining a syrupy space, uninterested in rules of choruses of bridges or else… 

Perfect for a night drive around the empty city streets. 


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