Wing by Brambles

Mae Hartrick

The Australian via UK artist Brambles’ latest release is a fiery synth-wave single that would beg your feet to push the gas way above the speed limit.

To those of you who have not had a proper introduction to Brambles, I don’t know where to start. With a career spanning nearly a decade, they are not a one-and-done situation, and with this experience, they managed to get millions of streams on Spotify and got featured on Netflix shows, among other accolades.

 Their floaty new single, titled ‘Wing’, is stunning. Masterful production and restrained songwriting make the song tasteful and easy to digest. The music is purely electronic with rumbling bass and driving synths playing the unsettled progressions, modal, undecided, and enigmatic. The vocals, meanwhile, are charming and suitably altered, with heavily autotuned parts that surprisingly don’t sound off-putting or interruptive. The lyrics are also contemplative, and personal to Brambles with a hint of vulnerability.  A calculated affair of synth-pop goodness.

Consummate professionals will always put out quality products, and true musicians will always manage to pull off difficult equations to deliver their messages efficiently. Synths can be cold and alien, or soft and warm, Brambles manages to use very cold and alien soundscapes to paint a picture that’s warm, vivid, and lush.


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