3.15am by Nina Chiodin

Jairo Alejandro Duque Báez

Smooth and warm, quiet and also hypnotic even in its quickest moments, it’s “3.15 am” the sixth single by Berlin-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Nina Chiodin, which features an atmospheric neo soul/ hip hop collaboration with rapper M- Path.

 “3.15 am” is dreamy and delicate and revolves around an invitation to love someone for one night in an undeniably evocative and emotional way, the writing continues to dive into a deeper level of the soul, and shows that physical closeness is a factor in dealing with loneliness, and that sex can be a tool A distraction from negative emotions.

 Nina wrote this song on a cold wi night in her apartment in Berlin. After completing it, I contacted the rapper M-path.

 Chiodin’s sexy, charismatic vocal performance is a standout feature of “3.15amnter”, and proves that although she is still a young artist, she has already instilled confidence, calmness, and sweetness in all of her songs.

 The mix of hip-hop beats added an element of flavor to the song thanks to his distinct M-path sound and style, the music captures his sweet feel, and his vocal interplay with Nina shows just how emotional the state and experience are.

 It seems that Nina Chiodin is looking forward to more in 2022. Because she has a wonderful and strong personality in composing her songs differently, it seems that she intends to wow her fans around the world, so wait for everything that is coming from this wonderful artist.


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