Album: Byzantine Hymns by Gerasimos Papadopoulos

Yiannis Margetousakis

Seeking spiritual music that makes your soul fly high? Want to listen to the sound of paradise?

The musicologist, cantor, and composer Gerasimos has released his first personal online album entitled “Byzantine Hymns as chanted in the mid-18th century”. 

The album consists of seven tracks and flows from hymn to hymn in a very soulful soothing way. Alleluia is my personal favourite. The melody and vocals take you on a 9-minute trip to heaven.

Byzantine Hymns’ recordings are the product of an in-depth study of a musical codex dating from 1750 to 1760, around the mid 18th century.

The artistic reconstruction of the seven hymns has been recorded in five-line Parts notation in the manuscript Sinai 1477, probably based on chanting by an Athonite monk.

Overall, the whole album is the right choice for those seeking calmness and serenity for soul and mind.

As a living art that has existed for more than 2000 years, the Byzantine chant is a significant cultural tradition and comprehensive music system.

Forming part of the typical musical traditions that developed in the Byzantine Empire. Highlighting and musically enhancing the liturgical texts of the Greek Orthodox Church, it is inextricably linked with spiritual life and religious worship.

Edited by: Mercedes Thomas



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