Lilac Screen by Satchit


Made with original, profound, and brave words, Satchit raises a delicate topic in his new song, “Lilac Screen”.

“Lilac Screen is a track about the abuses of media freedom worldwide and the blend of truth and falsehoods that we consume daily.” –Satchit.

The track addresses a particularly relevant topic at the moment, on how the news affects us as though the more we hear, the less we do to combat it, working well as a bridge between a calmer power and what the world is experiencing.

The song begins with an impactful quote from prominent human rights lawyer Amal Clooney: “Abuses of media freedom worldwide are stifling speech and shredding the very fabric of democracy.”

The chorus bounces with percussion and a distorted bassline. The song’s beginning highlights the melodic vocal line with a lone guitar and espouses the main message behind the music. 

The South London-based artist challenges the boundaries of alternative R&B with his music, creating work similar to Brent Faiyaz and Blood Orange and melodies influenced by Frank Ocean.

The vocals are soulful and heartfelt. The acoustics transmit relaxed energy throughout the verses that float over clean guitars, multitudes of percussion and distorted synths. 

An eclectic song for a wide variety of music tastes. Satchit has proven to know how to translate messages into creative pieces of art and deliver them across with a bold, solid foundation.

Edited by: Mercedes Thomas


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