Buddy Hollywood by Chris Hudgins


Buddy Hollywood is the soulful, musically packed, colorful, beautiful, latest single from Texas’s own Chris Hudgins.

Chris Hudgins is a Lubbock native singer/songwriter whose music is so full of soul and color that they just slide over the senses. Buddy Hollywood managed to cover my senses with the sweet and potent feel of wanting to practice my perfect stride down my city’s nicest, boujee streets. A soulful stunner based on a simple composition, that’s colorful and charismatic.

The vocal performance from Hudgins is so versatile, reaching crazy highs so effortlessly it’s unbelievable before gliding down the scale to smooth, flowing lows. The featured verse from Dubxilla is also stunning, with a seductive flow and a warm, cozy texture to the voice. The arrangement is acoustic and earthy, and the guitar solo is so intricate, with jazzy and bluesy chops and a colorful attitude.

This gorgeous, simple, and direct piece of soul is all over the place. With hints of Blues, Jazz, R&B, and Contemporary Pop, it’s a sweet reminder that those descriptions tend to come full circle at times, that they are, indeed, just words. A genre-crossing song that stands as its own thing. Stunning, bold, empowering. With a solo that’s like, really nice.   


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