Cool by Mia Delamar

Demitri Nader

A breeze of cool air at night…

…the streetlights highlighting the beauty of the city…

…staying out till late…

…wandering and wondering…

Mia Delamar takes us on a journey through the city, deep emotions, and a night out with her latest single “Cool”…at last that is how it got me feeling.

I believe that one of the major points of any big-hitting artist is the ability to make us feel an emotion, remember a time, remember a feeling, how big or little…just making us feel.

That is what makes the artist an excellent communicator…and I will have to say that Mia made me go to some very specific memories and feelings that I thought I’d completely forgotten… that point, why don’t we get to know the artist behind all that art…Mia Delamar.

Mia hails from Conyers Georgia, USA.

A 23 years old phenomenon with roots in R&B with a bit of pop mixed in…an absolutely soulful artist.

Mia had her first EP some time ago, titled ‘Focus’…and since then she’s been making big splashes all over the place…with her latest single “Cool”…the splashes are even bigger…I would not be surprised if “Cool” got Mia the biggest break in her career so far, because everything about the song is like a checklist of ‘how to write a hit’.

The emotions that the song conveys are not just tied to the lyrics, but also to the music, the beat, the chord changes, the vocal melodies…

Everything is on point…

The beat definitely pushes the song forward with the vocals being the locomotive…

Absolutely stunning vocal performance.

…backing vocals and harmonies are just killing it…

Let’s not forget how awesome the flow is with the whole song, it just fits perfectly with the speed and energy of the whole thing. The whole experience is that of a hit song, no way around it.

Digging a bit deep into “Cool”…

The bassline and the beat…locking and grooving, with a perfectly chosen tempo to just make you move and sway…

The key sounds, synths and pads are chosen perfectly.

…Mia’s vocals…no denying that she’s a force to be reckoned with.

…adding to Mia’s vocals the backing vocals…c’mon…everything is on fire.

We are quite sure we’ll be seeing Mia very soon on the international level.

Mia, we wish you all the best in the world…and a bit more.



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