Cool by Mia Delamar


One of the most beautiful voices that please us these days, is the young American singer Mia Delamar, who brings us her new single “Cool”, which is characterized by melodic lines and harmony that makes us unable to do anything but listen to it.

This sweet and smooth voice tells us a life experience about the difficulty of situations and intensity, and this creates a wonderful balance that contributes to conveying the magic of Delamar’s singing, which contains beautiful arrangements, also contributed by mixing touches of electronic rhythms with organic instruments.

Each unique moment in “Cool” has a wonderful sense of dynamism, influenced by the world of R&B and pop hooks and bass lines grooved beneath the singing, reflecting the confidence and sophistication evident in him since the release of her “Focus” album.

Bringing the best of soulful pop and R&B elements together, this composition makes you jump with a song that fascinates us in a variety of ways, revealing the artistic traits of a new singer who confidently steps into her place in the music world.


“Cool” is a glowing mid-level song that doesn’t burn you but warms your feelings up, lights you up to see that love can be a turbulent passion, and past relationships can affect your life. It is a powerful meditation on relationships and how they can make you feel bad about yourself.

This 3-minute potion gives you the strength you want after a breakup because Mia Delamar’s vocals are so powerful and emotional, it’s fun to listen to and decide what you want if you’re going through a similar situation.


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