Cosmic Echoes by John Leslie Hulcombe

Heidi Olley

The music industry has become quite challenging for emerging artists lately, it takes them a lot of time, effort, and dedication to reach their listeners and establish a strong platform. For John Leslie Hulcombe, that wasn’t the case, from his very first release back in 2020 “Town of Love”, he’s been on the rise. In 2021 he released two singles “Love Found A Way” which reached over 77k streams on Spotify only, and “Born of the Fire” which has over 145K streams. The artist’s remarkable style and individuality take his music to a whole new level, not to mention how his emotions are reflected in his vocals giving us a glimpse of his kind and humble soul. 

Earlier this year the artist released “Sanctuary” which reached over 18K streams in only a few months. The song’s production and music resulted from a remarkable collaboration with world-class musicians like Peter Koppes, who is a member of the iconic band “The Church” which is considered one of the most influential rock bands in Australia. Along their work process, they realized how remarkable the music from “Sanctuary” was that they decided to remix it and create an instrumental track, that’s how “Cosmic Echoes” was born. The track is ethereal and soothing in many ways that’ll get you lured into a light, uplifting mood. Apart from Peter’s remarkable guitar effects like the Gregorian Choir, strings, and the guitar solo that is played using the e-bow, the drumline was performed by the distinguishing percussionist Jackie James Barnes. 

So, whenever you need to get in a serene mood and a positive attitude, I suggest you listen to “Cosmic Echoes” and if you got curious, like me, then enjoy listening to “Sanctuary” too. 


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