Rainy Night by French Lobster

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If you’re in the mood for a chill, effortless, piece of Lofi beauty with a sleepy, psychedelic edge, then look no further than French Lobster’s latest single, Rainy Night.

 French Lobster is Gregory Dupont. This eccentric artist is a Brooklyn-based producer of Lofi hip-hop instrumentals whose goal, in his own words, is to blend a unique flavor of psychedelia into Lofi hip-hop. Producing what would pass equally well as a romantic rock anthem a-la Chris Isaac or as a beat to a fire rap song.

 He achieves this smooth blend via a sleepy beat that’s a consistent and hypnotic presence throughout the track, coupled with several guitar lines that tread the lines between being on-time and off-time elegantly, lending the track almost all of its psychedelic feel. The guitar’s tones are washed out and drenched in tasteful reverb that’s as fitting as it is expansive, and not once do they come across as intrusive or excessive.

 A simply enjoyable tune on its own, maybe missing a vocal melody to truly pop it to where It belongs. Nonetheless, solid effort from French Lobster.

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