Merry Go Round by Frank Rabeyrolles


A new single has been released by artist Frank Rabeyrolles called  ‘Merry go round’’. A song that is transcending from Montpelier, France on the 10th of October, expect a nostalgic soft rock feeling as you listen to this track. The song is already uploaded on his youtube with a serene, grainy video of a wide open green space, matching the empty yet dense feeling of the song. Frank Rabeyrolless, released his first album under his real name in 2011, and since then he has been prolifically creating great music between experimental pop and folk lo-fi, making him a really special addition to the french scene since 2004.


The song covers feelings of the void, existence, and how things may have used to be in the past. It gets all nostalgic, as he uses the merry-go-round as the main subject of the song, a symbol of childhood, and simpler times. This artist is known for bittersweet ballads and somewhat dark music, getting into a wide range of the more intense side of the human emotional spectrum. The song almost gave me a grunge feeling of the 90s, with a very melancholic guitar starting and diving into a more intense guitar. Drums and cymbals are usually soft, which matches the soft and low-pitched vocals. A notable sound in the song is a lightly distorted guitar at the back of the song, giving it an edge. The song is a real zone out from the world, something you’d listen to as you watch raindrops falling on your window.



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