Tus Ojos by Dj Moderno

XYS Estudio (Ximena y Sergio)

Dj Moderno is a Madrid, Spain-based musician and producer who has spent years remaking indie, national and international bands. He works as a DJ in several clubs in his city and has appeared at a variety of European festivals.

Dj Moderno has been releasing music since 2015, he’s gone from making remixes of his favorite tracks to creating his music, recently releasing his album “La Nave Nodriza” featuring the song “Tus Ojos”.

DJ Moderno has managed to create a classy atmosphere at “Tus Ojos” that invites us to dance with ecstasy. Although it talks about a toxic relationship and a tumultuous night when a lot of bad things start to happen, the song reflects all the wrong things but with the right music.

“Tus Ojos” is built on powerful bass that takes you on a magically colorful and delightful electronic journey. A vibrant palette of sonic colors makes you swing to multi-layered synths and cheerful pop melodies.

It is these contrasts that make “Tus Ojos”, a track so fascinating, entertaining, and boundary-breaking, that it can be easily accepted and enjoyed, even by those who don’t understand its words, because it has a lot of electro-pop effects reminiscent of bands like The KVB, Disclosure or Sextile.

DJ Moderno’s voice is his way of expressing his passion and anger, and there’s no doubt that the music video for “Tus Ojos” gives some extra context to what the track is all about, and sheds new light on the colors and sound palette, so try to hear it and see it even if you don’t understand Spanish because it is a great track.


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