See the Light by Sun Space


If you mix a cool beat with an interesting melodic motif, and a well-constructed build-up, wrap it up with mystery and the outcome will be Sun Space. Although the identity of the artist behind it is kept unknown yet they were able to leave a mark on their audience and the liking of the listeners resulting in high streaming numbers on Spotify and making it on several remarkable playlists like the “BBC Radio 1 Hits” and “Electronic Roadie Music”. They’ve always had an undeniable passion for music yet during the 2020 lockdown they were finally able to find their musical identity and a sound of their own. The isolation and sense of longing for live music pushed their compositions and inspired them to create a sound that gives that feeling of ecstasy and live music hype. 

The DJ/producer has a much bigger purpose than “fame”, they are aiming to set Sun Space as an EDM brand that will be a fixture in the modern EDM genre by letting their music speak for itself. With a house and dance foundation mixed with elements of pop and a hip-hop twist, they are influenced not by specific artists but rather by these different genres incorporated together to come up with a special sound not just a house beat. The song got caught up in my head the minute it ended, and it’ll surely be on my dance playlist, it’s simply one of those tracks with an authentic sound and a well musical structure.


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