Survival by Havoc Osiris


Havoc Osiris is a dystopian hip-hop producer who recently started making music completely different from the norm which has made him stand out as one of the most talented artists, pushing the boundaries of modern music and making his work unique in today’s scene.

Osiris’ music masterfully combines elements of techno, heavy metal, synthwave, experimental, 8-bit, Cyberpunk, industrial, and other genres to create a chaotic and often dark atmosphere that lifts you away from reality.

On his fourth album, “Survival,” released this year, Osiris masterfully plays your usual instincts and puts you in a survival sandbox, with 12 tracks that focus heavily on the mechanics of wordless survival. The goal of the album.

(Survival – Hunter – Power Hour…) and others tell their own stories, being a unique and brilliant conceptual concept, perfectly crafted from start to finish, Osiris blends an industrial style rooted in dystopian worlds, his music based more on fantasy than reality,

Delivering a perfect taste of somber and contrasting synth with a rhythm that weaves a lively, otherworldly landscape without abrupt twists on a captivating journey through the mind.

Being an artist creating his style is a difficult burden to bear at first, as Osiris wants to break all preconceived notions and put his music in a world where everyone is welcome but only the special stand out.

Havoc Osiris plans to evolve as a producer and leave his listeners with experiences they will never forget, so be among them and have your own experience with him, while we are waiting for more of his creations.